Website "An Artist". Free art portal, portals handicraft products. For Handicraft makers, artists of different fields, for people who love art... for those seeking services in art.


Website An Artist. For Handicraft makers, artists of different fields, for people who love art... for those seeking services in art.

Free art portal, portals handicraft products.

Author Gallery Profile Type Experience Country Website
curatorseye   organizer professional United States  
Acoya Jewellery artist professional Poland
Barbara Makowska artist professional Poland
Sylvia Howarth   artist professional United Kingdom
Agnieszka Pach   artist professional Poland

About Website is a web portal which main aim is to promote, inform and provide artistic services of all areas of art: architecture and interior design, calligraphy, ceramics and glass art, crafts, dance, decoupage, fashion, fabric, felt, graphics and drawing, industrial design, jewelry, literature, music, other, painting, photography, renovation of art, sacred art, sculpture, stage design, theater.

Portal is primarily a medium of communication between providers and seekers of artistic services, allowing contact and cooperation between all interested parties which are:

The main idea - how does it work?


  • Would you like to offer your artistic skills and work?
  • Looking for new customers?
  • Striving to get wider audience?
  • Looking for effective ways to promote your work?
  • Or maybe you have an artistic and you want to try yourself and become known in the Fourth Estate?

1) create your own profile, which will present and promote yourself and your art works (craft) opc

  • free portfolio - your online business card
  • great opportunity to show yourself on the market and self-promotion
  • equal opportunities of self-promotion for both, professionals and and emerging artists
  • greater impetus of your online business card on our widely available big portal than on small website

2) if you have something you are already proud of and you want to show it to the public create your gallery from several thematic picture galleries we offer, where you can present copyright work (digital or photographs of works)

  • works as a confirmation and an example of offered skills
  • works as an incentive for others to use our services

3) publish one or more offers, in which you offer your skills, and express a desire for specific orders, an offer, you can associate with a particular gallery

  • chance to develop and gain experience through the completion of orders
  • broad range of potential recipients of services - site visitors are not random people
  • chances of acquiring new customers, and even establish a permanent cooperation
  • high availability of published offers through their systematic order


  • Looking for someone who provides specific artistic services or realize your exact artistic idea/order?
  • Fed up with searching the internet to find the right person?
  • Want to make sure that the level of offered services will meet your expectations?

1) seek out offer that interests you by defining your criteria

  • structured and systematized set of offers
  • easy mechanism for precise filtration, separation and display of interesting items in a convenient way
  • internal serach

2) familiarize yourself with the details of interesting offer

3) familiarize yourself with examples of the art work by viewing author’s galleries

  • chance to view and evaluate the offered services

4) familiarize yourself with detailed information about the artist

  • chance to familiarize oneself with the opinions and numbers of (positive or negative) recommendations of other users about the artist, before deciding to make use of his offer

5) contact the artist by using contact details contained in profiles and set up cooperation

What else?

At the same time, those seeking artistic services can publish their orders, which inturn can be searched by artists.

In addition, everyone has a possibility to publish information on art events. Artists or organizers can thus inform about events, in which they will participate.