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Art categories

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Individual offers, galleries and art events must be assigned to one of the following categories:

  • architecture and interior design - design and realization of buildings, interior design, landscaping
  • calligraphy - calligraphy, lettering, typography
  • ceramics and glass art - artistic products, and decorative products
  • crafts - embroidery, bookbinding, konwisarstwo, lace, wrought, ludwisarstwo (bronze), furniture, pasamonictwo (szmuklerstwo) płatnerstwo, carved furniture, weaving, folk products
  • dance - choreography, dance science, dance shows, contemporary dance, classical
  • decoupage - art of trimming, workshops, courses, hobby
  • fashion, fabric, felt - fabric art, felting, sewing, designing and sewing clothes, jewelry, makeup, make up, tattoo
  • graphics and drawing - drawings, graphic art, graphic design, paper, fabric, relief printing, flat printing, intaglio printing
  • industrial design - industrial design, art projects, arts
  • jewelry - design, art jewelry, hand made, hand-created ornaments, jewelry sets, earrings, necklaces, necklaces, bracelets
  • literature - epic, lyric poetry, drama
  • music - arranging, composing, songwriting, conducting, playing musical instruments, singing, teaching, performances, vocal and instrumental music
  • other - other
  • painting - watercolor, assemblage, collage, encaustic, fresco, al secco, sgraffito. graffiti. gouache, acrylic painting, crayons, glass, oil, tempera, religious, historical, landscape, genre, portraits, nautical, abstract, still life, an act of
  • photography - art photography, nude, portrait photography, analogue photography, digital photography
  • renovation of art - maintenance workshops, gilding, reconstruction, artistic works
  • sacred art - sacred art, paintings, frescoes, sculptures, works of art for churches, church buildings
  • sculpture - full of sculpture, reliefs, decorative, architectural, ritual, sacred, memoratywne; in wood, in stone, in metal, etc.
  • stage design - scenery, costumes, props, makeup form, lighting, visual spectacle frame, theater, film, television, ballet
  • theater - presentation of dramatic, opera, operetta, ballet, pantomime, text, script, set design, choreography, musical, directed by