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Art Event

Title: Devotion by Design: Italian Altarpieces
Description: As part of a programme of summer shows focusing on the National Gallery’s collection, ‘Devotion by Design’ explores the function, the original location, and the development of altarpieces in Italy during the late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance.
Altarpieces in context

These objects furnished altars in churches and were not originally intended to hang in a gallery as we see them today. Instead, they were created for a specific sacred context, forming the focus of devotion for worshippers.

Using the Gallery’s own collection, this exhibition investigates the development of altarpieces, looking at changes in form, style and type. It examines not only the evolution of their physical structure but also their relationship to their frames and to the monumental architecture that surrounded them.
Category: sacred art
Type: premiere
Country: United Kingdom
Data: od 2011-08-25 do 2011-10-02 [past event]
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Date Posted: 24-08-2011 (2432 days ago)
Author: The National Gallery
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