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Art Event

Title: PAN Amsterdam 2011
Description: PAN Amsterdam is the most important national art and antiques fair and a must for every art lover. PAN Amsterdam has many faces: contemporary and modern art and design go hand in hand with objects that have a long history—a beach scene by Cézanne, a 16th-century Madonna, a spectacular glass chandelier.

Quality is all important. Every object is vetted for authenticity, artistic quality and condition before the fair opens. More than eighty experts are responsible for this. Any object that does not satisfy the strict criteria is immediately removed from the fair. This inspires confidence and assurance, whether you are buying a costly old master or a Roman glass for €800.
Category: other
Type: premiere
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Country: Netherlands
Data: od 2011-11-20 do 2011-11-27 [past event]
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Date Posted: 25-08-2011 (2429 days ago)
Author: peterpappot
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