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Art Event

Title: MONOTYPE From the Collection of the Russian Museum
Description: Monotype is one of the most original techniques of the author's print graphic art where the methods of painting and engraving are organically combined. Also the moment of improvidence of the artistic process, result of that is unexpected even for the author of the work is significant in this art. The classic way of the creation of the monotype is that: on the polished metal plate the artist creates the image that he transfers upon the paper using the etching-press. The imprint could be created only in the unique copy. This peculiarity of the method of printing is reflected in its name - monotype. The impressionistic character of the stroke, fine color nuances, complex decorative texture - all of these expressive means of monotype give the artist an opportunity to embody his world outlook in the unique works.
Category: painting
Type: premiere
Website: [none]
Country: Russia
Data: od 2011-08-30 do 2011-10-17 [past event]
Address: [none]
Date Posted: 29-08-2011 (2427 days ago)
Author: rusmuseum
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