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Title: portraits, illustrations, art painting wall
Description: Developing a painting:
- Portraits
decorative painting, interior and exterior walls (in public and private companies),
other service-performance plastic
What do I need to order a portrait?
To complete the portrait needs to be clear image, which can be seen the whole head, face, and after close-up details such as the collapse of the eye, etc., can not be fuzzy or unrealistic. The more accurate the picture accurately drawn portrait! Therefore, it is important to picture resolution.
execution Time
The time that is needed to complete the work is at least one day a maximum of 7 working days (this is dependent on the number of orders that I have in progress).
Details of decorative painting of walls and other artistic services agreed at a meeting with the client.
impart more information e-mail or telephone.
Category: graphics and drawing
Type: service
Post Date: 29-08-2011 (2427 days ago)
Author: frak218
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