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Web site – portal located at, enabling publishing, search,browse, use of the products (services and orders), galleries and art events and artists'self-promotion.

Administrator – the provider of service provisioning for the Service Users.

User – a person who in any way use the Site.

I General Rules of the Web Site

  1. This Regulation lays down rules for the use of the Web Site applying to all Users.
  2. Copyright on all graphics, technical solutions, source code, etc. are entitled to the authors of the Web Site.
  3. Use of the Web Site is voluntary and free of charge. Using the advanced functions of the Web Site (particularly publishing their own content) requires creating a profile by registering to the Web Site and by using the registration form. During the registration process , user agrees for placement, processing and following personal information by the Administrator of the Web Site, in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. Each user who is a natural person, a representative of the artistic group have one profile.
  4. All material published on the Web Site must relate to the fields of art. All published links must point to the page on the subject of art. All published materials must be defined clearly and legibly in accordance with the description of form fields intended for this purpose and must be assigned to the correct category.
  5. Published entries and links must relate to the individual pages of the authors. Service refuses to accept collective addresses portals, shared catalogs with links and accounts of various artists. The information should relate to individual actions, artist's offers and information of some real event.
  6. Event announcement and the offer contract services require a specific range of dates (duration).
  7. Published material is tantamount to agreement for it presentation to other users on the Web Site.
  8. Published material may not violate copyrights.
  9. It is strictly prohibited to publish content: abusive, insulting human dignity, violating personal rights, misrepresenting the facts, against the law, erotic, pornographic, violent, spreading hate and discrimination, violating general norms of morality or decency.
  10. It is prohibited to publish the same materials repeatedly (particularly image files).
  11. All material published by the user on the Web Site are the property of the user and are protected by law. It is forbidden to share them to others, copy, reproduce and use for purposes other than information and for their own use without the expressed prior consent.
  12. User of the Web Site have the right to remove permanently published materials: personal information, offers, galleries, works and events.

II Restrictions and responsibilities

  1. The Web Site is primarily a medium of communication between providers and seekers of artistic services, allowing contact and cooperation between all interested parties. The administrator does not participate in any transactions carried out between users. Any disagreements must be resolved between the parties without engaging the Administrator of the Web Site in any legal related actions.
  2. The administrator is not responsible for the quality, value and realization of offered by Users artistic services.
  3. The administrator is not responsible for User’s breaking the rule about publish prohibition of material inconsistent with applicable law (especially property rights).
  4. The Administrator is not responsible for any malicious/ harmful actions inconsistent with the idea of the Web Site.
  5. The administrator is not responsible for subjective assessment and recommendations made by users to other users of the Web Site.
  6. The administrator is not responsible for distortions in the functioning of the Web Site or the loss of users material, resulting from equipment failure, interruption of the Web Site providers such as malicious software, third party intervention, malicious activities of users, temporary maintenance or upgrading of the Web Site or as a result of the force majeure.
  7. User takes full responsibility for His/Her’s actions (reliability in particular) and material posted on the Web Site which must stand in conformity with applicable laws and regulations of the Web Site.
  8. It is forbidden to take up actions that might be potentially or actually impede destabilizing proper functioning of the Web Site or having a negative impact on the image and reputation of the Web Site.
  9. For the violation of the this Regulations it is also considered actions or nonfeasance aiming to omission the Regulations of the Web Site.
  10. Administrator reserves the right to remove materials inconsistent with the rules of the Web Site. The Administrator might take up actions like: deleting user’s profiles , interfere in published materials (such as resizing image files) in order to optimize the functioning of the Web Site.

III Final Provisions

  1. The Administrator reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions at any time without having to justify such action. These regulations apply from the moment they are published on the Website.
  2. Administrator shall decide on all other matters not included herein. All published material may be moderating by the Administrator and his subjective evaluation decides whether actions of its author broke the Regulations of the Web Site or not.
  3. The user have the right to submit to the Administrator any suggestions, report about any problems, complaint and ask questions related to the Web Site functioning, activities of other users, etc. The need and response time to decide the application administrator. The necessity and time of respond is determined by the Administrator.
  4. Using this website means that the user become familiar with these Regulations and accepted them entirely.
Legally binding date : 15 October 2009