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Login: Justyna Baytel
Profile: artist
Experience: professional
Phone: 501056065
Country: Poland
Address: Poland, 44-152 Gliwice
About me: I am a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. From childhood, my passion, in addition to drawing, she was riding. Now, keeping your own horse, to undertake all the orders of an art: portraits, landscapes, drawings, murals, in addition services closely related to the subject horse - the label on boxes, decorating T-shirts, mugs depicting horses, decorating walls, stables, etc.
I am open to suggestions, quickly and professionally doing a job, have a variety of techniques and means of expression. I create based on the submitted photos, but also proposes an individual, original solutions. I invite you to cooperation!
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Date of registration: 29-08-2011 (2425 days ago)
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