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Login: Sławomir Chowaniec AmberSłupsk
Profile: artist
Experience: professional
Phone: 48 784 358 741
Country: Poland
Address: Poland, 76-200 Słupsk, Modrzewskiego 13/2
About me: Sławomir Chowaniec was born in 1968 in Słupsk. He developed his young, artistic passions under the watchful eye of Stefan Morawski, the "Grandfather" (1926-2000), painter, drawer, musician, the greatest organizer of cultural activities in Słupsk.

In 1994, he started cooperation with Amber-Gallery - a company in Słupsk. It was also then that his first amber sculptures were created. Since 2001, the sculptor has been cooperating with many companies involved in amber treatment, among others, Amber Gallery Export-Import in Lublin "Agat" in Słupsk, Jantar Studio in Warsaw, making, for them, sculptures of the entrusted material. His works were presented many times during the Poznań International Fair of Amber and Jewellery "Amberif", International Fairs of Amber "Ambermart" and the Baltic Amber Festival in Hong Kong. Today his sculptures of amber can be seen in many galleries in Poland, they are also possessed by collectors in Iraq, Kuwait, China and Japan.
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Date of registration: 25-02-2013 (1879 days ago)
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