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Login: krakusia
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Country: Poland
Address: Poland, 30-040 Krakow
About me: Halina Kazmierczak, Krakow painter. During more than 30 years of her artistic career, she has taken part in national exhibitions. She practices primarily easel oil painting. She combines realism with surreal metaphors in her work. The attentive viewer will find a lot of symbols, sometimes direct, sometimes ambiguous, which can be noticed after viewing successive images from the artist. Thematically, the majority of her work revolves around a woman, which combines the physical with the spiritual. In their gestures, her models focus on showing the caring and nurturing ways of women. Spirituality, ancestors, strength and inner feminine wisdom are very important parts of her art. Her paintings bring to mind mystical beings, who bravely and wisely look into the eyes of viewers which rouse the thought of time passing by. Halina Kazmierczak loves Krakow, the city where she lives. Its atmosphere is her constant source of inspiration.
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